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Create a feeling of escapism with Andrew Martin’s inspirational collection of statement furniture, feature wallpaper, lighting, cushions & accessories; combining elegance, style and comfort.

  • Andrew Martin

Founded in 1978, British brand Andrew Martin has become famous all over the world for its inspirational designs and high quality pieces. The company began in a small London office and is now one of the biggest design powerhouses with offices in 63 different countries around the world. Andrew Martin is recognised for taking inspiration from global travel and blending widely varying cultures, styles and eras in its fabrics, wallpapers and furnishings. This technique of mixing dramatically different styles led to the coining of the phrase ‘fusion interiors’ and it is this that helped launch Andrew Martin into the spotlight.

Martin Waller is the man behind Andrew Martin and, since he opened his first shop in Richmond, he has earned numerous accolades for his achievements in the world of interior design. It is Martin’s love of exploring the far reaches of the globe that has helped hone the distinctive Andrew Martin style and led to him being described as “the Indiana Jones of interior design”. From Thai silks to African arts, Martin takes inspiration from an eclectic mix of countries and cultures which, when blended together in his own unique way, has created his very own signature style.

Andrew Martin has long been one of the Occa-Home designers’ favourite brands and so we were very excited to be able to grab a chat with the man himself, Martin Waller.

What makes you passionate about interior design?

Homes have been central to the human condition since time immemorial. At Skara Brae on the Orkney Islands, the prehistoric dwellings of 5000 years ago demonstrate their Neolithic owners’ pride in their homes.

Who is your typical client and why do you think Andrew Martin is such a desirable brand?

Andrew Martin is now present in 63 countries and our clients include presidents, prime minister and princes. Relaxed comfort has always been our hallmark and everybody needs that.

What is your favourite Andrew Martin product and why?

The Saturn Chair is an absolute personal favourite. It’s a fusion of contemporary material (acrylic) and traditional shape which makes it appropriate for any interior.

What are your key interior design tips to get a room to transcend the seasons?

Lighting is the critical ingredient in any room. If you get this right, it lifts the mood of the space to fit the time of day and time of year.

What is this season’s key trend?

Mid-century art, furniture and architecture has been a huge trend but we are edging back towards an appreciation of the classical; renaissance art, 18th century furniture and traditional architectural elements.

What is your favourite destination hotel and what is it about the design that you love?

The Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg designed by Stephen Falcke is a masterclass in how to present a sense of its African environment and African tribal art heritage in a contemporary way. It is also where Nelson Mandela wrote Long Walk To Freedom.

If you were having a fantasy dinner party who would you invite and what would you cook them?

Helen of Troy, Italian architect Andrea Palladio, Houdini, my forbearer Elizabeth Fry, David Beckham and my daughter Dominique. I would need Gordon Ramsay to do the actual cooking though!

What do you like about working with Occa-Home?

Choice is the great luxury of our age and Occa-Home make it so easy.