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When designing any room in your home, it’s important to consider two things: style and function…  especially when designing a home office. We’re all familiar with the key elements of design in rooms where we live, relax, and entertain– but when it comes to designing a space that straddles both our work and living space, a little more thought is required. To help you achieve this with flair, our designers have suggested a few key points you need to keep in mind….

  1. Don’t be stiff. Consider what makes you comfortable, but not so much that you will fall asleep.
  2. Express yourself. As with other areas of your home, your office should reflect your personality.
  3. What’s your function? Think about your style and choose pieces that will be inviting, inspiring, and calming. Also, don’t forget the utility of your office design. Do you need a lot of filing room? Is your main concern a flat surface with lots of space to move around?
  4. Remember light. Keep your office bright, combining ambient, task and general lighting.

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Home Office Designs at Occa-Home

For a chic look in your home office this Autumn, think about a heritage inspired look. The chic office should be a room you could imagine typing out a manuscript in— warm, inviting, and full of inspiration. Think of a vintage bookstore where you could spend hours getting lost in the comfort of traditional stories, curled up in a chair, flipping through the pages of a classic novel. Try pairing an Andrew Martin Globetrotter Campaign Desk with an Authentic Models Pursers Chair. Add rich reds and wool, tailored fabrics to complete the look.

If you favour a more Urban, minimalist design, then you’re look will be bright and contemporary. Try a modern desk like the Andrew Martin A Frame Desk balanced with a Vitra Charles & Ray Eames Swivel Chair. Include funky, bold accessories with bright acid colours to accent this type of interior design.

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