A Small Space, A Big Idea

Our design team love former Dragon’s Den and Yo Sushi! Founder Simon Woodroffe’s new space saving home design that maximises technology and engineering from yachts, airlines and stage mechanics to create an outstanding multi-purpose space…from sunken living rooms to beds that drop gently from the roof, this stunningly efficient flat boasts function and flair in one convenient space!

‘The technologies we have used are already established in car design, super-yachts and theatre, their application in the home is long overdue.’ Says Woodroffe, adding, ‘The time-honoured architecture of the stage brings with it the basic principles of counter-weights and moving parts, allowing safe, easy and low-energy movement of large elements such as the bed and wall.’

Borrowing the minimalist design of Japanese living, the ‘hidden rooms’ include a bedroom which elevates to reveal a sunken sitting room and reveals a wealth of comfort for living and entertaining. With twelve moving parts, the new design for contemporary apartment architecture allows the transformation of an 80 sq/m space into a much bigger home.



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